Meet The Nomads

With a common past life as nomads, two friends came together in a small garage in Los Angeles, California and founded Nomad Artisan Company. Inspired by all the cultures, places and people they've come to know and love, Mary and Melissa design pieces that are versatile for any occasion, trend and woman. Nomadic life continued after the two found themselves "settled' in L.A. They discovered that even though one may take root in one place, life is ever-changing, requiring us to adapt and embrace the transformation.


Nomad Artisan Company puts heart and soul into designing a variety of quality handmade pieces. Each item is rolled out of clay to porcelain-like thickness, then glazed and fired for 12 to 15 hours. The articles are finalized by forming earring findings, attaching sterling silver posts, or assembling  necklaces out of 14k gold-filled chains. Nomad’s creations are designed with every woman in mind, transcending trends, cultures and lifestyles, making each piece unique to the woman who wears it. 




Mary grew up working alongside her family on their cattle ranch and
greenhouse operation in the red desert of Southern Utah. She learned how to be self-sufficient, inventive, and the craft of an artisan from her parents. Her deep love for the outdoors compelled her to spend many summers guiding whitewater river rafting excursions on the infamously dangerous Colorado River. She has lived in multiple places, including Uruguay and Puerto Rico. After teaching for several years, she re-located to Los Angeles to study illustration at the Art Center College of Design, where she met her husband, Josh.


A native of Los Angeles, California, Melissa grew up working in her family's candy business. From a very young age, she learned how to be dedicated, hard working, and to put passion into everything she does.  With deep family roots in Mexico, she developed a love for her heritage and traditions that she carries on today. She has an innate love for fashion and always dreamed of working in that industry one day. She met her husband while attending college and the two weren't married for more than six months when they started their adventures as nomads, living in 9 different cities all over the world. She is a mother of three beautiful and very energetic boys that keep her life as fun as all of her nomadic adventures.